Privacy Policy is not only the legally required document to disclose the practices on protecting personal information, but it’s also a great way to show users that they can be trusted and that there are procedures in place to handle their personal information with care

Our Privacy Policy unclogs you about what we do with the information that we grab from you whether it’s your email, name, contact number or anything else that is connected to you only. Whenever a user comes and peeps into our website some of your basic data and details are automatically stored with us. So, our privacy policy describes, how your information will be used.

We at, respect your privacy and value its importance to you. All the data that we collect from you is safe with us. We never share your confidential information with anyone else or any third party. The details collected are used us mainly to serve you in a better way. The details are never sold to anyone else without your prior permission. All the data is kept private with us. So, you don’t have to think twice about it.

Every website reserves some of the details which are obvious, whenever a user visits the website. It includes the basic details regarding every particular user like IP Address, pages visited, the number of clicks on any given link, the timing of your visit and the clicks, and the browser you are using to visit us. We consider these details, to design our website as per your preferences. All of this information is mostly stored on our servers

The guests on our website are also acknowledged with some of the free services too, for which they have to share their email address or contact number, We store the information regarding your email address with us, but that is kept safe and private with us unless you have permitted us for the same. This happens in case of a free job newsletter directly into your inbox either in email or on your phone. Sometimes, it may happen but it may happen that we have to share your details but only in case, we are legally bound to do so.

We also make use of cookies to provide you with a better experience whenever you are visiting us. We make use of cookies and save some of the data including your password or certain account related information but that is done only to personalize the content according to your preference. This also helps to reduce or lessen the duration of time it takes to load the website, the second time you visit us. It saves your valuable time.

We provide safety measures so that no third party can steal the information from our servers. This ensures the privacy of your personal information about monetary and non-monetary value. Our servers are safe as per the required standards of cyber safety.

You will definitely find few links to third party websites, which are available on our website but are never under our control, so it’s up to you who have to make sure about the safety and authenticity of the same. The risks related to those links are not known to us and out of our control. We request you to please confirm the reliability of those links and will recommend you not to click any of those, and proceed only if you held only yourself accountable in case of any damage or loss.

We are free to change our privacy policy and concerned terms and conditions at any point of time. We will provide you a notice in advance, whenever this will happen. You will have the authority to be with us or not.

If there is any suggestion, complaint or feedback regarding anything about our privacy policy, you can contact us through our official email id i.e