Different Types of Online WFH Jobs- Salary, Qualifications & How To Apply

Online Work From Home Jobs: In today’s scenario, there are numerous jobs available online. As all the organizations are shifting toward digitalization, the demand for online jobs is increasing. There are so many categories that do not require special skills and can pay you well. The excellent part of online jobs is that you can do it from home, and the working hours are not fixed in this. You can do the work as you have free time. You can do the work in the daytime or at night. That means homemakers, students, and already working people can do it part-time or full-time. Now, let’s discuss the online work options for you. In online life, you can do online typing, translation work, resume writing work, online paid survey work, form filling work, chat support work, and many more. By the name of the work, you can get an idea that this work is not difficult. We need the right way to start the online work. This article will help you to select one of the online jobs and start doing the work. Please, check it out carefully.

Online Work From Home Jobs: Important Details

Types of Online Work From Home Jobs:

  • Form Filling Jobs: The companies will give you data to be entered into the forms. The company also provides you the platform where to do the online form filling job. Your work is to write data correctly into the field of the form. Companies sometimes provide basic training before starting the job.
  • Data Entry Jobs: This category will include any type of data like from accounting to management work of an organization. They will give the input in the format of word or pdf files. You will enter the data in the desired format. You should have accuracy with speed to get more from this type of work.
  • Chat Support Jobs: Almost every business wants to satisfy its customer, and they give us customer support facilities. For solving customer queries, the organization hires a chat support person to solve the real-time issues of the customer. This job requires attentiveness, decision-making power, and good communication skills. Your work is here to act as a customer support person and give solutions to customer queries.
  • Online Survey Jobs: This job is also market-related. As every company wants to succeed. They desire to boom their business, and any business depends on customer satisfaction. The company put a survey in the market, to know the feedbacks of the products. They want genuine feedbacks and give payment for giving the answers. Your task is to provide solutions to the survey, and this is an easy job. The company will send you an email regarding the new survey. Follow the instructions while giving out the answers to the surveys. The length of the survey may vary from small to big.
  • Online Typing jobs: Online typing jobs include documents, books, pdf, images, etc., as the input format, and the company requires these data to types into another format. They will tell you in advance about the payment. The payment can be word-based, page-based, or hourly-based. For this job, you should have typing skills, and you can learn these skills by own in a short time.
  • Online Resume Writing: Resume writing is also in demand. Resume writers have the skill to represent applicant data in a presentable way that will be eye-catching for the recruiters. Resume writing itself is a skill. Everyone can learn it with little practice. The company will pay you for one resume writing. And the payment will depend on the type of resume because resume writing for freshers and experienced is different. Like resume writing for CEO, higher managers is not that simple as for freshers.
  • Online Tutoring Job: Online tutoring is a rapidly growing field at this time. If you have command in one subject like Maths, Science, Engineering, Arts, Dance, Yoga, etc. The skill can be any. Then you can teach that skills online to a vast number of students. Now the distance does not matter for you. You can take your skill all over the world. The parents and students want personal attention for them and wish to study different skills. The demand is high for online tutors. You should have mastered the skill of how to present yourself so that everyone understands you. This skill will give you higher hourly rates.
  • Online Translation Job: Translation means to convert one language document into another language. If you are proficient in two or more languages, then you can do this job effectively. The translation work can be converting one website content from one language to another or translating a book. The payment can be document-based/fixed or can be hourly-based.

Qualification for Online Work From Home Jobs:

Online work from jobs does not require higher studies and degrees from you. 10th, 12th, diploma, degree holder, anyone can apply. You must have some basic skills to grab the job and earn efficiently. Check the below list for requirements for the online work from jobs.

  • Your typing speed should be good.
  • You should type with accuracy.
  • You must have basic knowledge of computers.
  • The knowledge Of MS Word, Excel will help you to do the job efficiently.
  • The company requires your valid Email id.
  • A good Internet Connection is a must.
  • The company will ask you to provide bank account details for payment purposes.
  • You should mention the free time for the Online job, at least 2 to 3 hours a day.

Applying Fee For Online Work From Home Jobs:

The freelancing websites will not charge anything for registration. The process is free for all. When you do some job, the freelancing company will cut some amount from your earned money as the platform fee because they provide you the platform to work and manage everything for you.

Age Limit For Online Work From Home Jobs:

There is no age bar for starting a freelancing career. The college-going student, housewife, retired person, anyone can think about the work from home job and apply for this without thinking about the age limit. The client’s requirement is high-quality work. They do not consider the age of the person.

The payout for Online Work From Home Jobs:

The freelancing work can pay you from $10 to $30 for one hour, and the hourly rate can be increases based on your expertise level. On average, if you get $15 for an hour, your monthly salary lies between $2000 to $5000. The payment for one month depends on several factors like your hourly rate and how many hours you are working in a single day.

Salary Packages

There are various types of work from home jobs by which you can earn money without any huge investment. The PayScale details are as follow:

Typing Work Average Payment Daily work Earnings daily
Form Filling $1 – $2 1-3Hours $2 -$5
Content Writing work Rs. 0.50 2000-4000 Words $8 -$14
Text Typing Rs. 10 – Rs.25 20 Pages $5 – $8
Data Entry Work Rs. 40 – Rs.200 hourly 4-5 Hours $8 – $15
Ad Copywriting Rs. 0.75 per word 1K-2.5K Words $15 – $20
Audio To Text Rs. 160 – Rs.320 / Hour 3 Hours $9 – $13
Translation Typing Rs. 130 – Rs.200 for one Page 15 Pages $16 – $30
Proof-Reading job Rs. 250 – Rs.500 / Hour 2.5-3 Hours $16 – $24

Selection Process Online Work From Home Jobs:

For doing the freelancing work, You should have an account on one of the freelancing websites. After then search for a job related to your skills. Send an eye-catching proposal to the client. The client is going to get 10 to 50 or more proposals for a single project. The client will select one person from the applicant. You can be one of them. When your proposal gets accepted, then you are allowed to do the work as per client instructions.

Steps To Consider To Apply For Online Work From Home Jobs

The applying process is as simple as creating an FB profile. First, study all the freelancing platforms and then choose one of them. Follow the instructions and start filling out the freelancing application form. Mention the skills attractively. Remember that your profile information is whole that represents you in front of the clients. Do it wisely. Update all the required fields in the freelancing application form and submit it. The freelancing website will send the confirmation email after accepting the profile. It will be beneficial if you check out the profiles of top freelancers before registering for Online Work From Home Jobs. The top profiles will show you their hourly rate, skills, top clients, reviews about them, and so many things. Check the details carefully, and you will get an idea of how far you can go and then register yourself.

Important Links to Follow for Online Work From Home Jobs:

There are many platforms providing freelancing services. You can search the whole list from google. The below table has the top three freelancing websites to consider. Follow the link and have a look at the platform and register there.

Upwork Check Here
Fiverr Check Here
Freelancer Check Here

Note: In conclusion, everyone can do anything. You have to choose the right path. First, study all the categories of the online job, then select one of them. Study in detail only one type. Check the eligibility and skills required for that. You can learn skills if you don’t have them. Then apply for that job. Money will start coming to your account. Your success is few steps away from you. If you find any difficulty in the registration process or something else, then please inform us. Our team is with you and reply to you as soon as possible.

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