Online Data Entry Jobs: How To Apply?

Online Data Entry Jobs: Data in the organized form is very significant for the success of any business. All the business organizations, companies, whether they are small or big, maintain their data. Professional blog writers, article writers also require to maintain the data in an organized form. Online entrepreneurs all over the world need data entry operators or clerks to maintain the data. This job is related to every field, and the demand for data entry operators never falls.

Online Data Entry Jobs: Important Details

What is Online Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry operators enter data into computer system/desktop/laptop/ They are provided with one form of data and instructions as input. The company demands output in a specific format. The data entry operator can work a part-time job or full-time job depending on the available free hours. The data may be one of the following.

  • to encode text
  • To encode numbers
  • To convert other content into a word processing document
  • To generate spreadsheet/excel files
  • To make slides/ppt

Nature of Online Data Entry Jobs:

Online data entry jobs include typing keywords from a given input to the desired output on the computer system. You should have the following.

  • Fast typing speed
  • accuracy in typing/ keyboarding skills
  • Knowledge of office-related programs like MS Office, Google Docs, or Apache Office, etc
  • A laptop/desktop/computer system and internet connection

Apart from these, you should have some basic skills such as:

  • consistent in work
  • have reliability
  • have excellent keyboarding skills
  • Good communication skills

Sometimes companies provide training to you. They will tell you what is required and give you the basic tutorials to complete the task. For data entry work, you also know how to manage the files on the computer system and the online software.

Job Rates of Online Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry job rates vary based on your experience. Most of the companies give payment on an hourly basis. Freshers may get started from $8, and at the experienced level, a person may get $40 for an hour. On average, one can earn from $21000- $40000 in a year. And approximately it will become $27000 in a year. In a month, a person can earn from $1600 to $6000. The salary totally depends on you. The salary will be calculated based on the number of hours in a day you are working and the number of days in a month. Full-time workers earn more than part-time data entry clerks.

Eligibility for Online Data Entry Jobs:

A person who has qualified 10th class can apply for data entry operator jobs. For success in the data entry operator field, you should attain a specific typing speed to do the work quickly. The typing speed is called a keystroke per hour (KPH). Some companies take the typing speed test before giving the job. One person can attain a remarkable typing speed by doing practice on a daily basis. There are lots of software available on the internet free of cost. Mostly the KPH speed of 10000 keystrokes per hour is sufficient to grab a data entry job proposal.

Top 05 Apps to Find Data Entry Jobs


Snagajob is a platform where you do not have to pay any fee for registering yourself. On this platform, clients and employers from all over the world post their job requirements. A total of 04 million jobs have been provided on this platform. You can go for this app and start earning.


Everyone today knows about Captcha and 2Captcha is a similar platform where one needs to work and send the correct image to the employer or client matching with the Captcha. The employer will pay you for this and this app ensures the safety of payment to the employees registered on this platform.


Fiverr is a very well-known platform all around the world as it is used by freelancers from all across the world. One needs to register and start working and bidding for the projects offered by the clients. Fiverr will charge some commission out of your earnings as their income.


Digitize is a very simple digital platform where one can register for free and start earning by doing the data entry tasks uploaded by the clients. You get paid after the client approves the project right into your bank account.


Upwork is also quite popular just like Fiverr. You will have to register on this platform and start bidding for online projects. You can also ask the clients of your approved projects to give you a rating as prospective clients will get to know about you.

Steps To Consider To Apply Online For Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs can be easily found on websites like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. You should prepare your resume and mention your key skills carefully on the resume. Do the registration on one of these platforms and upload your resume there. Also, upload your professional photo. These platforms will show you the jobs related to your resume and your mentioned locations. You can set the parameters as per your needs. They also send emails regarding the job opening to you your email id on a regular basis.

Another way to work as a data entry operator is to become a freelancer. There are many freelancers websites like Upwork,, etc. You can visit these platforms and check the procedures to earn money. These platforms allow you to register there. Remember to mention your skills carefully and attractively because these companies may take your account on hold or verify the details. This process may take 24 hours to 48 hours.

After that, the company will send you the confirmation mail on your email id regarding the acceptance of the profile. Once your profile is accepted, you can start sending proposals to the client regarding the job opened by the client. The client will check your profile and then assign you the job. After completion of the job, you will receive the payment in your bank account.

Note: Read the details carefully before applying for Online Data Entry Jobs.

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