Top 06 Online Part Time Jobs: Salary $5- $20/hour

Everyone wants to be Independent on his/ her own as soon as possible in all aspects but mainly financially. This article will help you all to know about how you can be earn some money using the skills and expertise you already have, doing some part-time job online. This article includes the details that will help you start a part-time online job working remotely from your own home So let us go ahead with the details.

Online Part-Time Jobs are flexible and one can work according to their comfort. All one needs is a PC, a good internet connection, and a Web-Cam in some cases. These jobs may or may not require one to have a degree or a certificate in a particular specialization depending upon the type of job. But the most important advantage of doing these jobs is that one can enjoy the flexibility of working hours and the privileges of working remotely from home itself.

Top 06 Online Part-Time Jobs

  1. Content writing jobs
  2. Data Entry Jobs
  3. Freelancing
  4. Online Surveys and Paid Reviews
  5. Tutoring jobs
  6. Typing jobs

Let’s deep dive into the details:

1. Content Writing Jobs

Content Writing jobs have never been in high demand like now. Today, content is considered as the new fuel. With businesses going online, every business needs a content writer to write and create content for their website, blog, social media handle, or any other portal. Not only the above, content is also written for E-books and newspapers as well. It is being recognized that good content will and is the new king. A good content writer either working part-time or full-time gets paid well for his time and efforts. One can earn anywhere up to Rupees 40,0000-50,000/-per month depending upon their skills, experience, and the time they devote. Check out and for an opportunity.

2. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs are quite popular in Online Part-Time jobs as every business has lots of data to be recorded and processed of its customers and employees. Some companies instead of hiring a full-time employee advertise such tasks on online platforms. One needs to convert and record data from one format to some other format. The raw data can be in the form of a video, audio, hard or soft copy on any platform which needs to be recorded and fed in the company records and servers. One can look for such opportunities on platforms like, Upwork.

3. Freelancing

Freelancers are paid well in the present world as companies nowadays prefer a freelancer more than a full-time employee. Freelancing includes working independently according to the need of the client. It can be categorized as a job under which an employee gets paid for completing a certain task or project that can be anything including web designing, word press development, video editing, translation, coding, etc. and are the websites to look for freelancing opportunities.

4. Online Surveys and Paid Reviews

There are very easy ways to earn money online dedicating some of your time on a part-time basis. One such way to earn part-time money is by filling Online Surveys and paid reviews. There are many websites where one can submit his or her own genuine opinion and get paid. These surveys can be about anything and the data collected this way is used by businesses and organizations for their decision-making process. Companies also want to know about the reviews of their products and services from the customers so what they do is ask for reviews from the customers. Sometimes they are ready to pay for knowing about reviews about their products and services. So hurry up and start earning by registering on Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and My points.

5. Tutoring Jobs

Online Teaching has become a very popular mode of teaching right now and all thanks to the current situation when face-to-face teaching is not possible. One can teach any subject in online mode by registering on any portal including Whitehat Jr and These platforms work as an intermediator between the student and the teacher. So, do not wait but register and start teaching.

6. Typing Jobs

Typing Jobs are also one of the easily performed online jobs that can help anyone earn a decent income on a part-time basis. One can register on any portal providing Online Typing Jobs including and All it requires is a PC, a good internet connection and a very good typing speed. All that makes a difference is the typing speed. The fast you can type the more you will be able to earn.

So, now you must have read the complete article, and you know better which job is perfect for you to start your online earning journey.

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