Remote Excel Jobs: 5 Top Jobs and Where to Apply

Excel has emerged as the top skill required and preferred by employers all over the world for most of the top jobs. Excel is kind of a spreadsheet software that helps In recording and processing small or large data of mathematical or statistical nature. Excel is a tool that is also used for gaining insights into the data and one can use it for various purposes.

Excel is a tool that needs practice and training to learn and master its usage skills so companies hire persons with advanced knowledge of this tool. As the job involves working on data in Excel software which is a part of Microsoft Office, one can also work remotely from anywhere in an Excel job. A Virtual Assistant can be hired who has the knowledge of all the excel formulas and functions.

Top 5 Remote Excel Jobs

  1. Accounting Analyst
  2. Collections Analyst
  3. Data Entry Clerk
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Payroll Assistant

Accounting Analyst

An Accounting Analyst is an entry-level role in the accounts team. He/ she is the person who is required to maintain all the data other than maintaining it in the accounting software. One can be an accounting analyst if he or she has good knowledge of excel along with some other accounting software. As this role is based in the accounts team so numbers will always be there. This role can be performed remotely as all t requires is the data, a laptop, and an internet connection.

Collections Analyst

A collections analyst in a role in the collections department who is required to analyze the collections data and bring useful insights from the data the business has so as a good strategy and plan of action for the collection team can be prepared and made. This role can be performed remotely as we can provide the data to the concerned person and he can work remotely.

Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Clerk is the person who is provided with the task of maintaining and recording data and records. The person is required to make sure that all the data is fed into the system as per the specified requirements.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a person who gathers business requirements and works for providing the information to the business stakeholders so as a perfect solution meeting the requirements of the customers can be formulated. This role can be performed remotely and is in high demand right now.

Payroll Assistant

Payroll Assistant is required to perform tasks related to preparing payroll for the company employees. He is considered a part of the HR team and can work remotely as most of the tasks need to be performed in excel on the computer.

05 Websites To Apply For Excel Jobs

  3. Truelancer
  4. PeoplePerHour
  5. Upwork

Indeed is the one of the best and biggest job search platform in the world and one have to just search for remote excel jobs by applying a filter on the website. You will be provided with information on numerous such opportunities. is a platform where IT professionals and freelancers look for remote work opportunities and create their portfolios and profiles so as they can build contact with prospective clients and can find work.


Truelancer is a platform used worldwide by freelancers and remote workers. This platform has clients and users from across the world and remote jobs related to excel and other IT roles can be found here.


PeoplePerHour is a platform that is used by people across the world for finding remote excel and IT-related jobs. One can sign up and create a profile on this platform and can charge a fix-rate for the services they provide.


Upwork is a platform that needs no introduction and is used by remote workers across the world for finding remote work opportunities. One can create a profile and can register self to start working and earning.

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